Trombone players should have a look at the wonderful Bone Masters youtube channel run by Paul Nowell.

Here’s a transcription of the duet of Bernie’s Tune featuring
Andy Martin and Paul Nowell from episode 7.
Andy Martin is a great trombone player you will have already heard on Family Guy, The Simpsons, Monsters Inc., American Idol or Armageddon and Planet of The Apes soundtracks.
He has solo recordings and has recorded great stuff along with Gordon Goodwins Big Band, Louise Bellson and a host of others.

Here’s Andy’s part -
Bernie’s Tune

Here’s Paul’s Part -
Bernie’s Tune

Here’s The Score -
Bernie’s Tune

Here’s a score with some chords -
Bernie’s Tune

Jimmy Cleveland played trombone for Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Art Blakey, Gil Evans and many, many others.
His solo on Maynard Ferguson’s Maynard The Fox was one of the first solos to make a lasting impression…

Jimmy Cleveland on Maynard The Fox

Candy Dulfur Pick Up The Pieces

Here’s the first bit of the trumpet solo of Candy Dulfur’s version of Pick Up The Pieces with a bit of Headhuntersin the middle.
I don’t know who the trumpet player is … but I like it…
One day I’ll find time to finish it, but so far …
Trumpet solo